Saturday, 6 September 2014

Byrds, Buttons & Twits

I came to the realization today that I  haven't really spent much time on this space.  Though to be frank I haven't felt completely writer-y, or creative lately (unusual for me).  I wanted to avoid "poisoning" this space and your mind(s) with half-assery, instead preferring to wait it out, whatever "it" is.

Much of my absence in the world of creativity in a proper way  I think may be  because  
I've been focusing a lot on other aspects of my life. Not that being creative isn't an important aspect, it has always and will always be a part of what a value in myself.

The voice of my creative brain sounded like (more of an internal dialogue): 

Creative Brain:"We should write a blog post, it's been a while and we like to write".

Logical Brain: "Yes we should write, but, we should really avoid sounding like a complete twit.  We want to post content we may be comfortable to stand by and not hide in shame because we just wanted to be creative.  If we're gonna head down that route let me just get you some Popsicle sticks, white glue and glitter". 

Creative Brain: "That's not very encouraging, humph.Hmmmmm. well it is  a beautiful day today, we should write about the weather".

Logical Brain: "We've done that, it's too Canadian always going on about the weather it won't translate.  Do we really want people out there being like, reading her blog is like turning on the weather channel?" 

Creative Brain: "Well, no. I mean we should write something...about makeup or fashion or buttons.

Logical Brain: "Buttons?! Really you want to write about buttons? You know nothing about buttons".

Creative Brain: "Well yea who doesn't love a good button, buttons are awesome.  We could do a whole appreciation of the button post. Put that degree to use and do some proper academic  research.

Logical Brain: "..."Even better!  We could do a series. Part 1: Pre-history of the button".

Creative Brain: "See?! Great idea! Buttons!"

Logical Brain: "Go home Creative Brain, you're drunk".

Conversations are not normally as well structured inside my cranium, it's usually a more frazzled dialogue, should I shouldn't I?  I want to but what do I write about?  

I think maybe it's called writer's block.  I've never experienced it for so long before, but, I didn't like it.

I think the cover song by The Byrds represents this struggle and that I've come to an understanding that to everything there is a time to...


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